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List Description
AGKlimaExtreme [no description available]
Atm Airborne trace gas measurements and mesoscale modelling (Gerbig)
ATTO_BGC_coordination ATTO project internal coordination at MPI-BGC (Trumbore)
ATTO_PIs ATTO Science team (S. Trumbore)
ATTO_project General information and dissemination list for ATTO
ATTO_SSC ATTO Scientific Steering Comittee list (S. Trumbore)
ATTO_TAM ATTO project internal technical and administrative coordination at MPI-BGC (O. Kolle)
BACI_administration EU-Projekt (Horizon 2020- Start 1.4.2015) von M. Mahecha
BACI_ExecutiveBoard EU-Projekt von M. Mahecha
BACI_Generalassembly EU-Projekt von M. Mahecha: The General Assembly members
BACI_Newsletter BACI project newsletter
BEM [no description available]
BGC-Admin Administrative Informationen für BGC (VWL)
BGC-Allocation BGC-Carbon allocation and water availability discussion
BGC-Baie Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions and Experimentation Group (Migliavacca)
BGC-Betriebsausschuss Betriebsausschuss des Betriebsrates
BGC-Betriebsrat e-Mailingsliste des Betriebsrates BGC
BGC-BGM Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement
BGC-BSI-Grads PhDs in the BSI department
BGC-C_side BGC-BGI-C-Side
BGC-Choir Choir of MPI BGC and ICE
BGC-CompCom List for computing issues (B.Smolny)
BGC-data_mining Exchange on data-mining of biogeochemical cycle data (M.Reichstein)
BGC-Dienstreisen BGC-Sekretariate und DR-Themen
BGC-DV BGC-IT group (B.Smolny)
BGC-Eddy BGC eddy covariance mailing list (Mirco Migliavacca)
BGC-Enigma ENIGMA=Earth System Network of Integrated Modeling and Assessment
BGC-Firstaiders Ersthelfer*innen am MPI-BGC
BGC-Foreigners BGC-discussing matters relevant to foreigners working at our institute. (B.Wiehl)
BGC-G7 BGC-Fuehrungsgremium (E.Fritz)
BGC-GBA Gleichstellungsbeauftragten
BGC-geoengineering geoengineering-related topics (A.Kleidon)
BGC-Grads for students working on their thesis, renamed 05.2005 by PJK
BGC-Groupleaders including: heads of departments, of research groups, of service facilities; library; (senior) postdocs; secretaries; research coordination
Bgc-hbci HBCI Hydrology-Biosphere-Climate Interactions Group
BGC-Heimann internal mailing list for AG Heimann
BGC-HPC List for HighPerformanceComputing users at the BGC-institute
BGC-IPAS IPAS research group
BGC-itp Office @ IT-Paradies (211206)
BGC-JSBACH Email-list for exchange of JSBACH/MPIESM issues (Sönke Zaehle)
BGC-Kleidon Mailing-Liste der Arbeitsgruppe A. Kleidon (BTM)
BGC-LaTEX alternativer WORD-Prozessor (B.Smolny)
BGC-MAC alles zu und über Macs (B.Smolny)
BGC-MDI Nunos Group @ BGC
BGC-MDI-WEEKLY MDI weekly meetings
BGC-Mobil Mobiles, Smartphones (B.Smolny)
BGC-Personal Liste für Personalangelegenheiten der MPG (M.Braun)
BGC-Phdconf-2014 [no description available]
BGC-Phdprocesses [no description available]
BGC-Pinboard For all topics NOT directly related to the institute (Susanne Héjja)
BGC-Processes Liste der Abt. Trumbore
BGC-R R ist eine freie Programmiersprache für statistisches Rechnen und statistische Grafiken. (B.Smolny)
BGC-Research-DB BGC Research Database mailing List, maintained by R. Krause; renamed 25.05.2005
BGC-Schulze For internal comunication AG Schulze
BGC-Scientists List for scientists @ BGC to inform each other about courses and teaching possibilities, and discuss and promote our needs
BGC-SEC the current members of the institute council (IC)(E.Fritz)
BGC-Signals internal mailing list for Abt. Signals (Zaehle)
BGC-signals-GL [no description available]
BGC-SOIL cross-department Boden-Initiative
BGC-SoLiBe Kommunikation zu zentralen Softwarelizenzen
BGC-Submissions to announce new BGC manuscripts in our Blog
BGC-Sustainability BGC Sustainability Group
BGC-TBM The Terrestrial Biosphere Modelling group at BGC.
BGC-Verwaltung Verwaltung (M.Braun)
BGC-Webteam Web-Team bei BGC (E. Fritz, S. Hejja, S. Schott: Organ.)
BGC-ZNS Zentrale Serviceeinrichtungen (E. Fritz, S. Héjja, Melanie Müller)
BGC_GLX List for the internal comunication of AG_Gleixner (RT20696) created 06/2013
BGI-SEC-meeting BGI-Gruppe zum SEC-meeting
BSY-grads Grads of AG Heimann @ BGC (RT:20590/2013)
C-Extreme Mailing list for FP7 C-Extreme consortium
CE-IP-Database CarboEurope Database Malinglist
CE-IP-Integration CarboEurope IP-Integration
CEF_grads created for the grads maintainer, moved to mailman 29.08.2004 from PJK
CH4-Enigma [no description available]
Climate-Sensitivity Christian Roedenbeck
Dkrz143 Project 143 at DKRZ
E3S-Future-Earth Extreme events and environments: from climate to society (Reichstein/Frank)
E3s-future-earth_administration [no description available]
E3s-Meetings [no description available]
EcoTrajectoryUsers Users of EcoTrajectory
EIES [no description available]
ESDL Earth system datalab
ESRP [no description available]
Executive CarboEurope IP Executive Board list
FSU_Geoinf_Reichstein InfoListe für Lehrveranstaltung an der Uni Jena
Gfd Directors, head of Admin, research coordinator
Grants BGC grants management & administration
Grants_calls Grants Newsletter: Mitteilung von neuen Drittmittelausschreibungen
IAGOS_ETN IAGOS-Wissenschaftler zum Antrag auf ein
Icos-d Mailingliste fuer die Koordination von ICOS-D
ICOS-D-SC ICOS-D Steering Committee Mailinglist
ICOS-Jena Organisatoric Questions around ICOS in Jena in particular at the TCF
IDW-News Selected news of the scientific information service
IGAS-admin IGAS administrative contacts
igas-pis [no description available]
Igas-psc [no description available]
igas-sab [no description available]
igas-science IGAS scientists
IGas-wp2 IGAS WP2 mailing list
IGas-wp3 [no description available]
igas-wp4 WP4 mailing list
Igas-wp5 [no description available]
IMPRS-alumni [no description available]
Imprs-gbgc-associated IMPRS associated scientist
IMPRS-gBGC-faculty faculty of the IMPRS for global biogeochemical cycles
IMPRS-students IMPRS-Promovierende (S.Rothhardt)
Inversions (C. Roedenbeck)
ISSI-DA The International Space Science Institute's working group on Data Assimilation
Itms-admin [no description available]
Itms-coord [no description available]
Itms-m-admin [no description available]
Itms-m-science [no description available]
Itms-science [no description available]
Majadas-tech This list is for technical issues related to the Majadas field site and the MaNiP experiment.
Pandemie-Info Pandemie-Info
Peace Platform for Ecological Analyses on Colombian Ecosystems (C.Sierra)
Peer-Mentoring Postdoc Peer Mentoring
Phd-ess-orga [no description available]
Phd-ess-participants [no description available]
PHD-representatives [no description available]
Policy CarboEurope IP Policy list
Project-vom Project VOM
Project-vom-svn SVN list project VOM
quincy-model-request [no description available]
SBG Soil Biogeochemistry Group
SOCOM Surface Ocean CO2 Mapping intercomparison (C. Roedenbeck)
SOCOM-Submitters [no description available]
Stilt_Developer evelopers of the STILT-Project
Stilt_User [no description available]
TRY Mailing list for members of the TRY initiative
Tsm-jena Information about the TSM system at the MPIBGC (PJK)
XWinMaster Nachrichten vom DFN bezgl X-WIN Anschluss (BSMOLNY)
ZOTTO_project Science and coordination @ ZOTTO

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